Silent Hill Series Composer Leaving Konami

This is a sad day for the video games industry, or will be if this gets confirmed.  Over at Aeropause they’ve dropped word that Akira Yamaoka, composer and producer for the Silent Hill series, is leaving Konami.  Yamamoaka san is the creative mastermind that makes the outstanding industrial soundtracks the series is known for, but he’s also a producer for the series so he oversees development.  Obviously, losing someone like him will mortally wound the already ailing survival horror franchise.

As a longtime fan of the series this is definitely bad news though I can’t say I blame him since every new installment in the franchise has gotten progressively worse.  Origins was clunky, The Room wasn’t even originally a Silent Hill game, and Homecoming made an admirable attempt but was plagued with repetitive gameplay and a lackluster story.

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