Shiren The Wanderer to be Released for Wii

Atlus has announced that a new Shiren the Wanderer game will be released in for the Wii on February 9, 2010 (North America.) The Shiren the Wanderer series is known for its enjoyable mystery dungeon RPG style.

The gameplay of Shiren the Wanderer plays half strategy and half RPG. Dungeons are split up into “tiles”. For every action and step you take, the enemy will also take a step or action. In dungeons, players will fight monsters and collect gear and items. Every time a player goes in a dungeon, the floors are randomly generated, so this ensures that each player has a unique, enjoyable experience.

Shiren is a Japanese word that means “trial” or “ordeal”, and the Shiren series is known for giving players just that. Players will need an incredible amount of skill and luck to make it successfully through their dungeons. Luckily for players who don’t want to die over and over again, Shiren has adjustable difficulty. Normally, when one dies in Shiren, they lose all of their items, but if players chose to play “Easy” mode, they’ll keep their items when they die.

New to the series, players will have three characters in their party. The two characters, in addition to the protagonist, are Sensei, his master and uncle, and Asuka, a formidable swordswoman. The really neat feature about Shiren is that players can switch between the three of them at any time. They can then set the characters they are not controlling to very specific actions and orders. Or, if they wish, they can control all of the characters to take on the ultimate tactical advantage!

The story of the game spans over 1000 years of time. How is the possible you ask? Time travel, of course! The story is also filled with Japanese mythology, and full of plot twists. Atlus states that fans of the Shin Megami Tensei series will enjoy it, so, I believe, that this means there might be some demons involved. When Shiren travels back in time, he can shape the events that form the story in present. Additionally, through a number of side quests, he can change the dungeons to make them easier!

Game Features:

  • A story spanning over 1000 years with 3 playable characters
  • Incredible weapon customization system
  • In-game achievements
  • An additional story after completion of the game (and not just a “tacked on” one)
  • Dungeons of various difficulty, including a 1000 floor dungeon for veterans
  • An RPG with true mystery dungeon style
  • Massive boss fights
  • 3D Graphics

Please note that the North American version of Shiren the Wanderer will not include the rescue, versus, or item transfer online features. However, the downloadable dungeon content from the Japanese version will be on the North American disk. Without these sub-features, Shiren is still set to be a fantastic single-player RPG.

If you head on over to the official website (still under construction), you can see some of the Japanese screen shots.

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  1. Sounds and looks pretty awesome. While I stick primarily to action-adventure games, every so often I look for an RPG that will take a long time to get through. Perhaps this game will be that RPG when it is released.

  2. I’d imagine Shiren would take a while. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an RPG with an action-adventure battle system, you might want to take a look at the Tales of Symphonia games.

    Those are fairly long, as well 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to give Tales of Symphonia a try. I like the whole RPG/action-adventure blend. Although I do enjoy the occassional tile-map RPG.

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