Shiren the Wander Official Trailer Released

Today, Atlus released the official trailer for Shiren The Wanderer. Shiren the Wanderer will be released for the Wii on February 9, 2010. The game combines a deep mystery dungeon-rpg with an engrossing story and pleasant 3D graphics. More information about the game, as well as screen shots, can be found here.

The trailer (found at bottom) reveals more details about the storyline, and also introduces a few characters. Most notable are Shiren, his Master, and Shiren’s talking ferret, who seems to believe that he’s really the one in charge. The cut-scenes from the game look beautiful, and the graphics for the game, over-all, look very promising — especially for a mystery dungeon game. The description for the trailer gives the follow description:

For a thousand years, a princess has slept inside the Karakuri Mansion. When Shiren’s former master bestows upon him the Karakuri key, he quickly finds himself entangled in a millennium-old mystery, wandering through past and present to unravel the story of the girl and vanquish an ancient, lurking evil.

As the Ronin warrior Shiren, you’ll wander the old country, encountering dungeons filled with snow, sakura, walls of fire, and more. Control up to 3 party members and stay alert as you wander through dungeons, collecting items and out thinking your enemies! Easy mode lets newcomers find a foothold in the dungeons, while Normal mode presents a more rigorous challenge for veterans.”

Atlus also revealed that the official Shiren the Wanderer website is now up and running. The website gives information about the characters, the story, the gameplay system, as well as some extra goodies (such as wallpapers.)


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