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Shadow Complex is Epic Games newest Xbox Live Arcade game. Anyways I am a huge fan of Epic and I couldn’t wait to review this game. However this game is far to fun to review, for its 1,200 MS point price tag. Honestly once you play this game and realize how good it is for the amount of money you spent, you may start to believe you successfully committed a robbery.

If you could mix all the best platform games you would get, Shadow Complex. The hookshot makes it feel like Bionic Commando, the level design gives it a Metroid feel and its simple yet spectacular story is reminiscent of Castlevania.

This game has a vast amount of weapons including handguns, shotguns, sub machine guns, and assault rifles. You also have devastating side arms like missile launchers, grenade launchers and a riot foam gun. Anyways if you’ve been looking into this game you already know about the foam gun and yes using it is as satisfying as Epic has promised, you can warp environments create shelter out of foam and even restrain enemies.
shadowcomplex2071409-580pxOn top of all these weapons of mass destruction you have special abilitys, such as hyperspeed which puts you in an unstoppable bull rush type mode, wreaking all breakable objects in your path. Also you will acquire a jetpack and hookshot which help you navigate places you couldn’t previously navigate. Furthermore you get smaller upgrades like flashlights and scuba gear.

shadowcomplex_screen01Once your done with the main story you can test your skills in the proving grounds which has its own unique art direction or you can explore and collect unlockables in an open platform world. Not only that but you can enjoy the sights and sounds. For example, getting shot at in the water and blowing shit up in the water are to great ways to see just how far epic pushed the sound and visuals in this game.

Oh ya, did I mention this game has a great variety of enemies to fight from, Mechs, to humans and even robot fish.

This game is one hundred percent recommended to all platforming fans, download the game or trial over Xbox Live and unlike Epic’s Gears Of War series its only rated Teen, so kids can have fun too.


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