Sims 3 Store: Set Sale!

The Sims 3 store has up to 10 set variations that are currently available to purchase at a reduced price. All set variations contain items from the Hewnsman and Storybook collection, perhaps two of the longest displayed sets ever to be up for sale in the store.

The Hewnsman set [pictured above left] consists of mostly light wood and warm colours. The set seems to convey a homely feel, at times with a hint of eccentricity, such as the inward sloping legs of the Puzzle Stool.  Meanwhile, light boxes and lanterns appear to have caught a landscape painting of sunset and imprisoned it behind the etchings of stained glass.

It is perhaps perfect if one wants to be seasonal with their decor. It’s almost as if one is fulfilling a taxidermist’s vision simply by stuffing Autumn indoors. It may, for some, go hand in hand with the more recent (and free!) Harvest Bounty set. The “Harvest Time” decorative painting, included in the Hewnsman set, signifies perhaps a good enough excuse as to why your Sim’s house should be littered with pumpkins.

Meanwhile, the Storybook set [pictured above right] appears to be shutting out seasonal activity in favour of aesthetic sophistication and fantasy of a romanitc nature. The Statue of an Unknown Seamstress is perhaps the most striking of all its items, which seems to convey a feminine history (or is that mystery?) and yet with it a timeless feel.

To further promote senses of celebration and romance, the set also comes with a Larger Than Life Party Table and Party Banners, catering for birthdays and engagements/marraiges respectively. My personal favourite is the “Che Bell”, a pair of silver bells with floral arranging, which according to the store’s website, “announce the beginning of a life of love, friendship, romance… and possibly monotony, boredom, arguments, estrangement, and snoring.”

Both sets have undergone price reductions, saving current buyers up to 600 SimPoints. Hewnsman and Storybook are currently being sold at 1,400 and 1,330 SimPoints respectively. If these deals don’t sound so good, you might want to check the website for further bitesize variations with much lower prices starting from 260 SimPoints. But don’t dawdle because this sale ends October 30th!

If you don’t have any SimPoints, this is a good time to get some as the store is offering bonus items to those who make their next purchase a minimum of 500 sim points. Check my previous Sims 3 Store article for more information.

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