Sentinel: Mars Defense Free for Holidays

Sentinel: Mars Defense Free for Holidays

In anticipation of the next release from the creators behind Sentinel. Origin8’s popular Iphone/IPod touch game, Sentinel: Mars Defense will be available for free for the next two weeks, until Christmas (December 25.) Sentinel: Mars Defense was released in February of 2009, and the game was selected as one of Apple’s App Store first Anniversary Top 30 games in the  UK/AU/EU territories. It also lead way to the sequel, Sentinel 2: Earth Defense.

The third game in the Sentinel series is currently in development.

App Description

It’s war. Earth’s first off-world colony is fighting for survival against a savage alien onslaught. Mars is under siege and thousands of lives are on the line. Humanity’s only hope is you, the commander of the dropship Sentinel. Welcome to the future of Tower Defense.

Deploy sophisticated turret technology across the Martian landscape to halt the alien advance. Protect walls and barriers that block the enemy’s path to your base. Upgrade your weaponry, or release robotic drones to repair buildings and harvest resources. Watch the battle for the planet unfold in beautifully rendered, atmospheric graphics.


  • Tactical and unique gameplay which takes tower defense to the next level.
  • Use the landscape and destroyable defenses to maximize the effectiveness of your weapons.
  • Beautifully rendered environments, towers and enemies.
  • Endurance mode to challenge the most hardened of players.
  • Compete with players worldwide with the online high score system. View and compare scores seamlessly with the in-game score browser.
  • Challenge your friends directly to beat your high score.
  • Fast-forward toggle to speed up play for advanced players.
  • Save your progress whenever you want. Automatically saves during a call.
  • Facebook Connect feature so you can post scores to your newsfeed!


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Sentinel: Mars Defense can be bought in the Itunes store here.

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