SAL2000’s Marriage Ceremony

So it seems the world is coming to an end, because Im almost positive a man marrying a woman made up of bytes and sprites is one of the many signs of the coming apocalypse.  We reported this earlier, but if you’re too lazy to click that strategically placed link, here’s the skinny:

A man who calls himself SAL2000 fell in love with his virtual girlfriend on a DS game called Love Plus.  Why a game like this exists in the first place is anyone’s guess, but I digress.  He married her in Guam because people there share a love for marrying inanimate objects, and decided to broadcast this beautiful ceremony for all to see.  What makes you want to marry a woman of 1’s and 0’s?  My guess is high polygon counts play an important part.

Boing Boing’s Lisa Katayama covered this tearful event so everyone could witness the love at first sprite between a man and his Stylus (read into that what you want).  So grab a tissue (or two) and check it out below:


This does bring up some interesting questions like what rights does his wife have as well as a myriad of more disturbing questions that I won’t get into now.  Instead I would like to wish SAL and Nene a long and happy marriage, and maybe suggest he find a real friend.  Fast.

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  1. The youtube video reports his name to be sal9000 😉

    anyhow this has to be a hoax… for god sakes the guy had a best man that made a speech… how ridiculous is that? WTF is the guy going to say? I remember when Sal2000 and his new bride first met.. he was a dorky loser and she was a brand new shiney package from Yamada Denki for 2900 Yen.. .. .

  2. Oh, Lord! This was a funny and yet totally disturbing article.

    Now, I have heard of virtual sex and adult video games (Virtual Valerie was something I wanted to find in the 1990s but never could find a copy of), but this whole virtual wedding is, well, insane. This guy, Sal2000 (the name sounds like it was ripped off from the movie 2010), is someone who needs psychiatric help!

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