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Think I’ll start this review with a bit of background info on the game. Richard Marcinko, also known as “Rogue Warrior”, “Demo Dick”, “Shark Man of the Delta” and “The Geek”, is an former USA Navy Seal and author. He bases his books on his living experiences and fictions and ends up being one of the best writers I’ve ever seen(maybe it’s because I don’t read as much, especially war based books). Believe me, the guy is tough. If you wonder just how tough, simply read one of his books.

The problem with the video game Rogue Warrior, based around the life of the veteran, is nothing like that. The game is dull, boring, linear and horribly designed. Dick Marcinko is voiced by Mickey Rourke and the main inspiration behind the entire game. The story of the game is set in 1986, Dick and his team are sent behind enemy lines to locate and disarm a Korean rocket program. Team is a strong exhilaration, since the two people who are supposed to fight alongside your protogonist get killed within seconds and Dick is left alone, in a dangerous environment, with nothing but his survival skills, his dirty mouth and his enormous ego.

Rogue Warrior sells itself as a stealth shooter. The stealth part of the game comes from the fact that Dick can perform stealth kills, when he gets close enough to an enemy. Don’t worry, this isn’t Splinter Cell: sneaking opportunities are embedded very poorly into the level design. You’ll always know when you can sneak up on someone. But don’t think you’ll be investing too much time into this. A much quicker way to finish the game is to just run and shoot. And then keep running and shooting. Seriously, screw the stealth gameplay, unless you’re really a masochist. It will berry your nerves into incredibly amounts of stupidity. The AI of the game is at a tragic level. Enemies won’t notice you, unless you leap in front of them and point at yourself, explaining you’re the enemy. The other bad side of the game comes from the incredibly linear and repetitive level design. But it’s not just the level design that’s repetitive. Most of the time Dick just swears at the cloned enemies. I don’t even know why — the guys are like free frags even the highest difficulty. Rogue Warrior also offers a cover system. Once behind cover you will see Dick in third person mode. Then you can just show up and keep pumping at the enemies or fire blindly, but safe. I don’t see the point of that last one, since the chances of the Koreans or Russians hitting you are pretty low. The hit detection system of the game is pretty much dumb(like everything else). You will find yourself killing enemies with a single shot in the knee, but others won’t die after 5 obvious headshots. The multiplayer of the game is also higly repetitive and I’m sure that after the horrible single player campaign, players won’t give it much attention.

Rebellion also had a great idea of using a custom engine. This was obviously not very smart(the original developer – Zombie Studios, used the Unreal engine). The physics are at an offensive level, the models are horrible(especially the models of the enemies), Dick’s hands sink deeply into the horribly modeled fire arms while in third person.. Mickey Rourke actually does a decent job, voicing the main character, but the voice acting of anyone else is hardly noticeable and done very badly.

Rogue Warrior obviously started as a great idea but was given to slobs, who didn’t care much about how great an author Dick Marcinko is. The only decent part of the gameplay are the quick kills. Everything else is below the average level. Rogue Warrior is a great example of how an FPS should not be made. Bethesda and Rebellion tried to pull a fast one on us. But with the world still being in the MW2 euphoria – chances are – they’ll fail.

[xrr rating=2/5]

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  1. So some guy writes a book, where he’s the main character, turns himself into a badass. Then pushes out this game, where his novel alter-ego badass plays the protagonist? Is that right? This is a game based off a book, based off some guy, who is also the author and creator?

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