Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack Overview

Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack Overview

Having released back in June, the Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack has expanded the appeal of the PSP with a bundle for those in love with the music genre. Featuring Harmonix’s first release on the PSP, Rock Band: Unplugged.

One of the best music games for the PSP, Rock Band: Unplugged is a single player experience that captures the same feeling of Rock Band on consoles at the same time adding its own flavor to the franchise. Older gamers will recognize the game play mechanics reminiscent of Frequency and Amplitude, earlier titles by Harmonix, having to juggle between instrument tracks. These new additions help adjust the game to the PSP and controls are able to be adjusted to your play style. The track list boasts popular bands such as; Foo Fighters and All American Rejects, even throwing in some Jackson 5.


Also included in the bundle is the PSP-3000 Piano Black, the latest iteration of the PSP. Featuring a better screen that reduces glare and a built in microphone for Skype functionality (already installed on the PSP) helps establish the PSP as the go to portable game system for travel and outdoor gaming.

To continue the Rock n’ Roll theme, the bundle includes a download voucher for “School of Rock.” Also included is a 4 Gigabyte Memory Stick PRO Duo to help you store “School of Rock” and media along with game saves and content.

The Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack shows the love for music genre enthusiasts with Rock Band: Unplugged and “School of Rock.” Packed with everything you need to start gaming on the road, the Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack takes what the Rock Band Special Edition Bundle is and makes it fit in your hand and keeps rocking on.

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