Rock Band Coming to iPhone, iPod Touch

In an attempt to make its popular rhythm franchise even more accessible to everyone, MTV Games, Harmonix, and EA Mobile recently announced plans to bring Rock Band to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  That’s right: you are now likely to see people playing guitar and drums through their phone while driving as opposed to simply texting.  After hitting every major home console, it was only a matter of time before the rock music franchise hit portable systems.  With the recently released Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP and the upcoming Lego Rock Band which will see releases on all home consoles as well as the DS, it appeared that MTV Games and Harmonix had all the bases covered.  Well, if they didn’t have them covered before, they sure do now, because iPhone and iPod Touch releases mean that the franchise has hit every gaming format currently available.

Rock Band for the iPhone and iPod Touch will feature 20 tracks as well as downloadable songs, all in MP3 quality.  Guitar, bass, drum, and vocal sections will all be playable.  The game will feature Quick Play and Tour modes, and would-be rock stars will be able to play alone or with friends via Bluetooth connectivity.  To boost the replay value a bit, there will be three different difficulty settings.

No specific release date has been announced yet, but MTV Games, Harmonix, and EA Mobile have made it clear that the game will be released later this month.  Expect to see people getting pulled over by the cops for thinking they’re rock stars.

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  1. lol another way for advertisement .. rock bands on iphone !! dont know what will happen to the quality of the ,, hope they don’t compromise on quality .. lets c what they have stored for us..still waiting ..

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