[Review] F.E.A.R 2: Reborn

Platform: PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3
Genre: FPS
Developer: Monlith
Publisher: Warner Brothers
Engine: Lithtech: Jupiter EX (Modified)
Gameplay Modes: Singleplayer
Website: projectorigin.warnerbros.com

Back in 2005, F.E.A.R made a revolution freaking out gamers worldwide with it’s super intense gameplay, amazing action scenes and great horror sequences. Don’t worry – the chances of that happening to you with F.E.A.R 2: Reborn, the newly released DLC for F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin are zero to none.

The locals sure are friendly.

The plot, this time evolves around a replica soldier just called Foxtrot 813. The guy has lost his connection with Paxton Fettel, which means – he’s gone rogue. So what do replica’s do to rogue soldiers? You guessed it – they shoot at them. So if you were rubbing your hands, thinking you were in the shoes of a high-tech squad commander – think again! And yes, for the third time you’re controlling a character who has the ability to slow down time. The sloooooow mooootiooon is done exactly like it was in F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R 2. Monolith have been popping one lame excuse after another to why the new characters have the same abilities as point man. This time it seems, that after Fettel’s spiritual awakening, Foxtrot 813 has gotten the ability.

Say hello to my little friend!

If i have to describe Reborn with one word, it’s – nothing new. 🙂 The downloadable content pack will give you absolutely nothing new in terms of gameplay. Of course, the old is still greatly done but, come on Monolith – think of something new, already! If you’re asking yourself – what about Alma – she has several appearances, but since she is not directly connected with our new main character – the plot doesn’t revolve around her that much. Still, she hates him and does everything to make his life miserable. Speaking of that – the gameplay mechanics haven’t moved one bit. Lots of action against multiple enemies in slow motion. Reborn simply puts you face to face with the hardest enemies from the original game, which makes it hard for new players. But is this really a bad thing? Nope! 😀 The action is still amazing and beats 60% of the currently popular action games, with it’s cinematic like battles and atmosphere. There are, of course, a few cons to all of this. If you’ve ever played any of the original games, chances are you’ll find nothing scary in Reborn. Another downside of the DLC is how short it is. I know it’s popular for DLC’s to be short, but eve newbs would be able to do the entire thing in 3 hours. Obviously, the idea behind this DLC was to give you a few extra hours dynamic gameplay(and to give it’s creators some extra bucks) and, as such, it does that perfectly. And considering how it ended, we’ll most likely be seeing more of this side story.. So we’ll always have more F.E.A.R.

Hello? Is anyone there?

The final judgement to Reborn is – a solid DLC that brings nothing new, and is quite overpriced(10$). If you want more F.E.A.R – i recommend it with both hands up. But if you’re looking for some amazing gameplay changes, i suggest you keep waiting for F.E.A.R 3..


  • It’s F.E.A.R!
  • Amazing action scenes
  • Perfect balance between horror and action
  • [Cons]

  • Nothing new!
  • Repetative
  • Short

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