Resident Evil Zero Wii Bound

Capcom has been very busy bringing Resident Evil games to the Wii in the last few years.  Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition was a highly successful port and considered by many to be the definitive version of the game due to its great controls and the inclusion of all the bonus content from the previous versions.  The very first Resident Evil was remade for the GameCube, and that remake was later ported to the Wii as well, garnering favorable reviews.

Then there are the on-rails Resident Evil games.  The Umbrella Chronicles was released in late 2007, and critics thought the title was a worthwhile entry in the series.  This November, gamers can expect the release of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, which is yet another on-rails shooter taking place in the Resident Evil universe.
Wii owners who can’t get enough of the zombie-impaling thrills provided by the series will soon be able to get their hands on yet another port of the highly-acclaimed series.  Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero is set for a December 1 release.  The GameCube original was released in 2002 and received a positive reaction from both gamers and critics.

Capcom is obviously hard at work releasing all sorts of Resident Evil goodness on Nintendo’s console.  Resident Evil Zero will feature exclusive Wii controls much like its predecessors, but nothing has been mentioned in terms of new and exclusive bonus material.  This will most likely be a straight-out port, but if the controls are as impressive as they were in Resident Evil 4, then gamers may just have to give this title a look.
Capcom will be releasing the game this holiday season.  Fans of the series and those who wish to play through Resident Evil Zero again will likely be watching out for this one.  With all these Resident Evil remakes and rail shooters being released by Capcom, what else can we expect from the company and the franchise in the coming years?  Will gamers eventually see an original Resident Evil title on the Wii?

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