Resident Evil 5 Downloadable Costume Trailers

So Resident Evil 5 has some DLC coming up and as a friendly reminder of this fact Capcom has released not one, but two trailers showcasing Chris and Sheva’s new costumes.  Chris’ new threads are strange in that I don’t know who Capcom was pleasing: chicks who want to see his abs or leather fetishists?  To me this costume isn’t much better than that bizarre zebra outfit.  Check it out:

[gametrailers 59900]

And here’s Sheva’s new attire:

[gametrailers 59898]

As for Sheva’s new outfit, well, I really don’t know what to think anymore.  The top half is passable, but the rest looks like a cheap french maid outfit.  It’s just… bad.  Maybe I’m just too negative, since both of these new costumes just look so weird to me, but it seems as if that’s the direction Capcom is headed with their survival-comedy series.  Enough of me, what do you think?

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