Resident Evil 4 iPhone Review

Resident Evil 4 iPhone Review


Platform– iPhone
Developer– CAPCOM
Release date– July 12, 2009
Price– $7.99
Average rating– 4.5/5

After an accidental early release of Resident Evil 4 for the iPhone in Japan a few weeks back, fans of the series worldwide have been anticipating the official release. The wait is now over, but was it worth it? Newcomers to the series would surely answer yes. This game features impressive 3d graphics, gripping sounds, and all the zombie killing action you could ask for. Veterans of Resident Evil 4 however, might find themselves disappointed. The epic plot is now condensed to text based cut-scenes, and the overall atmosphere that made the original so amazing seems to be missing.

After a brief text introduction to each of the twelve levels, you find yourself in control of Leon. A single on screen analog stick is your interface on the left, with a group of buttons on the right. The analog button controls both movement and aiming, something that takes a little getting used to. To fire your weapon, you tap a button on the right side of the screen, aim with the analog, then tap the button again. This feels natural until you realize this means you’re either running, or aiming, not at the same time. All other actions use the right hand icons, except for reloading your weapon, which happens automatically, or with a shake of your phone.


The graphics in Resident Evil 4 are very nice, with almost no frame rate issues. While not exactly comparable to the original versions, they still make the creepy, undead atmosphere more realistic. The sound quality is nothing special, but the moaning and shuffling of the zombies sound great, overall just what you’d expect from a cell phone port.

One way I looked at this game was how it compared to the other iPhone game, Resident Evil Degeneration. While RE4 is technically more advanced, RE Degeneration gave me what I was looking for in a Resident Evil game. Not to say RE4 is bad, it just approaches the horror genre in a different way. The controls and graphics are similar, so i recommend checking out the lite version of Resident Evil Degeneration from the App Store first.

From a completely neutral standpoint, Resident Evil 4 is a great game by itself. Compared to the original however, it lacks quite a bit and just feels watered down. Fans of the series may enjoy this title, while those new to the RE games my want to play a console version first. All in all, if you’re a Resident Evil 4 fanatic, or if this game sounds interesting to you, I suggest you check it out.

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