Red Dead Redemption Trailer: “My Name is John Marston”

Last week, we mentioned that the newest trailer for Rockstar San Diego’s upcoming Western shooter, Red Dead Redemption, was due out December 1.  Well, guess what day it is.  Today, the latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption, titled “My Name is John Marston,” launched on the game’s official site, and what a sweet little trailer it was!

The two-minute teaser features John Marston, who will apparently be this game’s protagonist.  In the trailer, some nice visuals accompany the many action sequences, character interactions, and horse-riding scenes all while a strong Western theme plays in the background.

At the end of the trailer, the game’s April 2010 release date gets more specific, with April 27, 2010 now being the game’s official planned release date.  Since we here at GamerSyndrome love you so much, we’ve decided to include the latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption below.  Enjoy!


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