Real Racing Review


Platform– iPhone
Developer– Firemint
Release date– June 8, 2009
Price– $9.99
Average rating– 4.5/5

Real Racing is another genre defining game, and it lives up to all of my expectations. Featuring some of the most beautiful 3d graphics available, tried and true controls, and many unlockables, this game provides the most realistic racing experience on the iPhone to date. Those familiar with Australian developer Firemint will know their games are high quality, and guaranteed fun.

This game offers several modes including career, local WiFi, quick play, and time trial. The main mode though, is career, providing 76 unique events to play through. With so many options, you won’t soon become bored with Real Racing. The sheer amount of content this game delivers will keep you playing for hours trying to unlock all the cars, classes, and tracks. In all, there are 48 cars in 4 classes, and 12 tracks to race them on.


When I first loaded this game up and started a race, my first impression was, “Wow.” The graphics are beautifully rendered in full 3d, proving to be almost flawless framerate wise. From the two optional view points, in the cockpit and a third person perspective, you’ll notice just how amazing the graphics are, something you just have to see to believe. Screenshots don’t do this game justice.

One reason I was skeptical about this game before its release was the controls. By tilting your device left and right you steer your vehicle, only worrying about breaking if you choose to turn brake-assist off. Acceleration is handled for you, and this doesn’t bother me at all, it adds to the pick up and play attraction Real Racing has. A few races into the game and I was a believer; the controls are great.


One aspect that can make or break a racing game is the AI. In the case of Real Racing, your opponents are very lifelike, passing and cutting you off in the turns. For some this may be frustrating, but I enjoyed the challenge. The local WiFi mode solves this problem, allowing you to compete with your friends.

Real Racing truly is a masterpiece that I can’t recommend highly enough for fans of the genre. Gorgeous graphics and realistic sound effects make this game even better. With a variety of modes and tons of cars and tracks to unlock, it’s well worth the $9.99. That’s cheaper than a controller for most games of this quality on consoles, so check it out, and get racing.

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