Red Dead Redemption Pre-order Costumes

Red Dead Redemption Pre-order Costumes

Pre-order bonuses own.  There’s no getting around that fact.  It proved true when we got a Batarang for preordering Arkham Asylum, and it was cool picking up that rooster hat along with Scribblenauts.  Free stuff is just the best.  And to further prove that pre-order bonuses are great, Rockstar Games is offering fans a neat little bonus whenever they preorder the upcoming Western shooter Red Dead Redemption.

So just what is this pre-order bonus?  Could it be a tattered cowboy hat akin to John Marston’s?  Will the pre-order gift be a gun?!  Well, for all intents and purposes, the pre-order goodie isn’t going to be anything tangible.  Instead, those who pre-order Red Dead Redemption will get a redeemable code which will grant access to a costume challenge in the game.

GameStop’s bonus will let fans vote on one of three challenges, and completing the task will reward the players with a costume that can be utilized in the game.  Oh, but why would you want an alternate costume for Mr. Marston?  For starters, the bonus outfit will have a direct impact on the gameplay, and while no details have been spilled just yet, one can only wonder what kind of craziness the costumes will entail.  (Gravitational physics?  Bullet Time?  Super speed?)

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