Quantum Making Its Way to Xbox 360

Looks like Tecmo might’ve announced their upcoming title Quantum as a PS3 exclusive a bit prematurely, as they have just announced the game will be making its way to Microsoft’s console for North America.  Originally, the game was supposed to be Sony’s answer to Gears of War, but with the revealing that the game will be on both consoles I’m pretty sure that comparison doesn’t really work anymore.

Quantum boasts an innovative weapon selection, cover system, and when asked about the game’s striking similarities to Microsoft’s chainsaw dueling series the game’s localization producer said Tecmo is “trying to incorporate some of [Ninja Gaiden’s] action game feel into third-person shooters.”  Sounds intriguing, but the game itself looks a bit uninspired (or perhaps too heavily inspired by Gears of War), but if you’re into the whole bulky space marines with excesses of manliness than Quantum may very well be the perfect game for you when it hits retail shelves in the Spring of next year.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I never said this game looked bad, I said it looked unoriginal. This game looks to be taking quite a bit from Gears of War, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dead Space borrowed quite heavily from Resident Evil 4 but managed to make the elements it borrowed its own, and it turned out great. There’s nothing keeping Quantum from doing the same exact thing, I would just like to see an example of that rather than things I’ve seen a dozen times before.

  2. LOL I’m not saying you said it looked bad either, but because it seems unoriginal to you people might come to the conclusion you thought it was bad by seeming to copy Gears of War… But I agree with what you say in the rest of the comment. Sorry if I seemed rude.

  3. I didn’t mean to sound like an ass, I just wanted to make sure no one thought I was attacking the title for looking like Gears of War.

    But hopefully people will come to their own conclusion on the game, and really today it’s hard for a game to be original (you could even argue it’s impossible) so saying its unoriginal isn’t bad, and I certainly don’t think this game looks bad, especially since I haven’t seen enough to make any real judgment on it yet.

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