Quake Con 2009 Thus Far

Quake Con 2009 Thus Far

Elder Scroll V, Bon Voyage:

Bethesda, the monster game developer behind, award winning games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion spoke a little bit about the huge game they are currently working on.

From the news at Quake Con it has been confirmed That this new game has no relation to the rumoured Elder Scroll V game. Also Bethesda has announced that Mothership Zeta was there last Follout 3 DLC and they are done with the Fallout universe thus far.

However Bethesda did hint that this new game could be the rumoured Elder Scroll MMO.

So do not expect to see the Elder Scroll V until after Bethesda’s new project is complete.

Id’s All The Rage:
46b525933d4d6_featured_without_text_rage_topstoryId, the company behind the Doom and Wolfenstine series dropped a huge bomb. Their upcoming game, Rage will be released this year. Prior to this we had no idea when this game would be released and to hear that it is coming so early is huge, although no official release date has been announced we can expect to get our hands or Rage in 2009.

I Pod players will also be able to download and play Wolfenstine 3D later this year for the handheld music device.

As far as downloadable content goes Id planes to release Doom 2 over Xbox Live Arcade along with Quake Arena.

However fans of Id’s Doom series may be slightly disappointed because the company says they will not talk about the upcoming Doom 4 until 2010.

Now here as a look at the new Rage Trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

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