Puzzle Chronicles set for Q1 2010 release & DS Screenshots

Konami’s upcoming puzzle role-playing game, Puzzle Chronicles, will soon arrive and the company today revealed screenshots.

Set in the dark and savage lands of the Ashurin Empire, players are challenged to journey among powerful lords and mystical creatures, while adventuring on quests and collecting powerful new equipment and skills.

This game will b e available for the PSP, DS, Xbox and PC, and is playable online.

Gamers will assume the role of a hero fighting villainy, in the form of Emperor Al-Dirag’s army, to save the day. With a pet Warbeast and a mysterious sorcereress to help, the quest is to save fellow tribesmen in a variety of scenarios set across various types of terrain.

The puzzle portion of the game is very similar to the old Puzzle Fighter game. Series of blocks drop down while you try and line up colors. Special blocks that fall down will cause specific things to happen, like causing damage to your opponent. There are several types of blocks in the game, but the important ones are the trigger blocks (they destroy same-color blocks the

From battlefields to the crypt, to name a few, players will have to think fast and strategically in order to defeat the enemy.

And if the bad guy can’t be killed again, players can try and try again in Quick Battle mode. They can also level up in a myriad of ways, adding to the customizable element of this video game. Players can either increase their character’s magical or physical abilities.

This game is slated for first quarter 2010 release.

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