Sony: Currently Free PSN Features to Remain Free

Recently Sony revealed its plans to get a little extra cash from their PSN with four new subscription services.  This brought up the question as to whether playing games online would remain free, or if Sony was going to go the way of the Xbox and charge for that ability.  Luckily, the ability to access the internet, play games online, explore Home, and everything else that is currently free to do will remain free.  The subscription services are merely an option available to those who wish to get a little more out of their PS3.

SCEE Italy’s Alessandro Di Leo said in a recent interview with 4News that “the service, as it is currently, will remain free. What has been said a few weeks ago is the ability to expand [these] services with other options…”  So that’s good news, especially to those of us who own both a 360 and a PS3, since paying to play both online would get fairly costly.

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