Playstation 3 to also get a price cut

Playstation 3 to also get a price cut

Just days ago a leaked advertisement ignited rumors of an apparent price cut planned for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite system.  Today it seems a similar incident has occured with Sony’s Playstation 3 console.

Not suprisingly, if the newest rumors are true, Sony plans to drop the price of their 160 GB model of the PS3 by $100.00, which means the system will retail at $399.95.  The rumored price was seen in a leaked advertisement from Hastings.

Along with Microsoft’s price cut of the Xbox 360 Elite, previous reports of a PS3 Slim may have something to do with the potential price cut for the Playstation 3.  Whether Sony does roll out a Slim model or has plans to continue marketing a model with less storage, such as the 40GB or 80GB systems previously sold, is unknown.  However, if the price cut is not just a rumor then it may be safe to believe that some model of the PS3 will also retail for $299.99.

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