Playstation 3 to also get a price cut

Just days ago a leaked advertisement ignited rumors of an apparent price cut planned for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite system.  Today it seems a similar incident has occured with Sony’s Playstation 3 console.

Not suprisingly, if the newest rumors are true, Sony plans to drop the price of their 160 GB model of the PS3 by $100.00, which means the system will retail at $399.95.  The rumored price was seen in a leaked advertisement from Hastings.

Along with Microsoft’s price cut of the Xbox 360 Elite, previous reports of a PS3 Slim may have something to do with the potential price cut for the Playstation 3.  Whether Sony does roll out a Slim model or has plans to continue marketing a model with less storage, such as the 40GB or 80GB systems previously sold, is unknown.  However, if the price cut is not just a rumor then it may be safe to believe that some model of the PS3 will also retail for $299.99.

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  1. Get a job at Hastings for another discount, their employee discount is usually very generous (as well as a free paperback a week in certain stores). Well, since it’s going down, people might be able to afford one. That thing is pretty pricey.

  2. pffft.. “leaked advertisement” these companies do these leaks on purpose to generate hype and anticipation for their products.. they obviously work well since we are talking about it here 🙂

  3. Yeah, I agree with Joe, they are “leaking” it on purpose because if they were to “announce” everybody would just forget about it in a few days time, while as rumours would last until more information arrives.

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