Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – first trailer

The movie adaption, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer has released it’s very first trailer. The trailer looks surprisingly good, with a storyline that’s only based on the original one and has been shifted into something completely different. The movie will star Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsly. The movie’s release date is set for summer 2010.


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  1. When I first heard Jake Gyllenhaal was was the Prince, I was sorely disappointed. After watching this trailer, I still think so. Why couldn’t they get someone who actually looks the part. Starpower doesn’t equal success. Look at almost every other video game movie such as DOOM, the Street Fighter movies, Max Payne and Super Mario Bros. They’ve all had big names in them and they were awful. If Hollywood would be faithful to the game, get actors who could actually look and play the part and get a good writer on the job (maybe the one who… wrote the game! (of course they’d get help with some bigger names)), the movie might actually have a chance.

  2. hmm Yeah I was also disappointed with casting of the Prince but its a Jerry Bruckhimer and Disney production so it will actually turn out pretty good. Jake Gyllenhaal definitely doesn’t look the part of the prince but then again I though the same thing about 007 when Daniel Craig was announced… but it actually turned out quite well.

  3. Yeah, you’re definitely right with the 007 reference. Even though I don’t entirely agree with the casting I’m still hoping for the best and I’ll definitely be there opening night.

  4. Wow. I was so on the fence about even seeing this on DVD… I think I might just find a way to see it in theaters. Wow… One of the few video game movies that looks good, and will probably be good too.

  5. Hopefully the Tekken movie is decent. The only good live action movie based on a fighting game was the first Mortal Kombat and they lost their touch the moment they tried to cash in on a sequel.

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