[Preview] Two Worlds II

Platform: Xbox360, PS3, PC
Genre: RPG
Developer: Reality Pump
Publisher: South Peak Interactive
Engine: Unknown
Gameplay Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Website: twoworlds2.com

The original Two Worlds was released in 2007 as a much anticipated role playing game. Combining Gothic and Oblivion, with a few original ideas everything looked nice and bright. Until the release. Then the game was rated as an average attempt, filled with bugs and problems. But the guys over at the polish studio Reality Pump didn’t go into oblivion and decided to do the right thing – fix everything that was wrong with the game. This massive add-on was meant to be released as an expansion called “Temptation”. But something happened – not so long ago Reality Pump announced, that the add-on got so massive that it was turned into a completely new game known simply as Two Worlds II.

The game starts just a few years from where the original game took of – the evil Gandahar continues his experiments with the sister of our protogonist. Orcs still play a major part in the game(Gothic style). You see that there’s lots of work to be done, saving your ass(first) and the land(second). The game will have several endings, a good ending and several evil ones. The game is still open ended – go wherever you want and do whatever you want(kill whoever you want).

The size of the world in Two Worlds II would be nearly 60km. ┬áReality Pump promise us that the world will be filled with NPC’s and adventures. The game will have 5 factions – 3 official and 2 hidden(Oblivion this time). Each one will have it’s own quest line and a reputation system. You can become the leader of each faction. The developers say, that each character will have his own secrets. I sure hope for at least a few twists and turns like the farmer with the pig actually being an evil necromancer(with the pig actually being and undead dragon). We’ll wait and see. Reality Pump also promise us moral dilemmas in almost every quest – one such example is the following: The residents of a village want you to kill a necromancer in a nearby forest. While strawing you are attacked by evil beasts and the necromancer himself, saves you. His side of the story is different – he’s there to protect the forest from the creatures drawn by the evil in the village. Every choice has a consequence.

You get the picture – Two Worlds II will give you even more freedom while playing. The main problem in the original game was the lack of balance. Reality Pump promise us they learned they’re lesson and the entire game has been re-balanced. The battle system will have 4 types of basic attacks, block and 6 special abilities. Reality Pump also say, that we’ll be able to use items lying around against your enemies(just like in Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic). There is also a whole new crafting system – you’ll even be able to start your own blacksmithing service for people and repair their items. There’s also a dye system.

The second biggest problem of Two Worlds was the fact, that, the game offered nothing original. It just took a bunch of ideas and mashed them together. And that’s the main thing that worries me about Two Worlds II – so far everything Reality Pump mumbled about was already a part of one game or another. But let’s hope they actually make up something original. Even if they don’t, we’ll still have a solid RPG to play, which, personally i don’t mind.

We’re at the end of the article but i still have a few things to tell you. First, the physics system. Reality Pump promise us that Two Worlds II will be the first RPG to give you complete control over your character with the unique physics. Second, the multiplayer. We’ll have a way to connect to other players and team up with up to 7 of them(the maximum amount of players in a party is 8). Then we’ll be able to go beating other players or go instancing, just like in any MMORPG.

Two Worlds II looks like a solid RPG to waste a few months into. Or at least i hope so. The game is looking really good, but then again – so was the first one. We’ll just have to wait and see. The game will be released “When it’s done”, by the way.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I rented the first Two Worlds for 360 before I knew it was god awful, and embarrassingly enough, I had fun. I knew it was crap, I knew it was one of the glitchiest pieces of shit I’ve ever played behind Tomb Raider, but still. I found the world to be really intriguing, like how you can travel south and the terrain changes to a far esat template. Things like that were really cool.

  2. Yes, the game was good even though it was full of god damn bugs. I enjoyed it as well. Same thing happened to Gothic 3, and i still loved it. Looks like both Reality Pump(Creators of Two Worlds) and Piranha Bytes(Creators of Gothic) have learned their lessons and are finally giving us two completely finished, breath taking role playing games(Risen and Two Worlds II).

  3. I have to agree also, beside i bought it and it still wasn’t worth $10, so obviously i returned it. Hopefully the second one has been been improved A LOT otherwise it will be another game that get boring after 3 hours of playing it.

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