Borderlands is a unique mix between a shooter and a role playing game in development by Gearbox Software(creators of Brothers In Arms). The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, strongly inspired by the movie “Mad Max”. Nothing new, you say? We’ve seen games like Fallout 3, Stalker and such that did wonders combining RPG with FPS. So let’s see what makes Borderlands so different from the other games..First, the game offers 4 character classes. The classes are quite standard and well known to anyone whose ever played a role playing game. But of course, each class has a unique name. Those classes are Mordecai(hunter), Brick(tank), Lilith(healer) and Roland(soldier). Each class comes with unique abilities(duh) such as the soldier being able to place miniguns(shielded) and the Hunter being able to own a pet.

Who doesn’t like explosions?

What makes Borderlands unique is one thing – cooperative gameplay. The game can be played by up to 4 people at once and depending on the number of players the difficult automatically increases. I sure hope that brings up the survival element i so much adore, playing with your friends in a survival situation is pure win. But let’s continue. The RPG side of the game comes with the fact that there are really strong enemies called “Bad Ass” that you can take on for rewards. If you survive, that is. Each player will have a role to follow. This isn’t a multiplayer shooter where all it takes is everyone to rush each other.

The game offers unique boss battles.

Continuing on with the unique features and we stumble across one thing every RPG gamer is interested in – the World. Well, you can cheer up – the world is huge(one whole planet) and completely open ended. Go wherever you like, do whatever you want.. If your character is strong enough, of course. But wait, that’s not all the game offers vehicles your group can ride. The authors have introduced two types of vehicles – the Outrunner(futuristic buggy) and the Salt Racer(a dragster). Okay, let’s continue talking about the world – it’s called Pandora. It is a barren, desolate world filled with dangerous creatures. Pandora has a 30-hour day and takes ten earth years to orbit its sun. Pandora was first settled by humans during its winter season, when much of its wildlife was hibernating. After seven earth years, however, its climate is heating up as the summer season draws near. This has resulted in the native wildlife waking from their hibernations, most of which are hostile to Pandora’s new human visitors.

He’s a goner.

If the game amazed you, just wait to hear this. The thing i liked most about Borderlands is the fact that, the game randomly generates a large part of it’s features. What does that mean? Gearbox say, that they’ve build a unique AI system that generates weapons for them. It’s called Gear Builder System and it includes a few basic points of a weapon such as the material of a weapon and it’s class. So, with every start of the game you can expect new and unique weapons.


The technical side of the game is also quite unique – Cell shaded graphics, and a beautiful world(and a beautiful ass, if you’re playing Lilith). Nothing more has been revealed, but considering that the creators are Gearbox – the people who created Brothers In Arms, and have worked on several Half Life games we can only expect the finest.

A trip to the market.

The fact is, that everything about Borderlands sounds amazing on paper. We can only wait and see what we have in store. Personally, i’ve never been so excited about a game, since i heard of SW:TOR. Good luck, Gearbox. Don’t let us down.

PS: I know, I overused the word unique.

Platform: PC, Xbox360, PS3

Genre: Role Playing Shooter

Developer: Gearbox Software

Publisher: 2k Games

Release Date: 20 Octomber 2009

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Gameplay Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Website: BorderLandsTheGame.com

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. My thoughts relate to what Gamer Syndrome has said. I first found out about this game through a friend, he said the game was “amazing”. I had a look at some screenshots and I wasn’t very impressed, but it looks like it’s getting better and better as they show more elements of the game.

    The part that really pulls me into the game is the RPG+ FPS element with an XP system.

  2. I’m not too big on the FPS genre, but I love my RPGs, and when I first heard about this game, I was definitely intrigued by its premise. I really like the visual style of the game, and the role-playing elements seem to fit with the gameplay perfectly.

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