How To Save Yourself From The Holiday Preorder Syndrome

Have you ever been victimized by a wave of popular games that were sold out before you could lay your hardened fingers on them? Has this ever sent your week spiralling into a dark void? Now is the time when that wave of popular games approaches once again and this guide will help save your gaming lifestyle during this month as well as the holiday season.

First off, if you have not preordered Modern Warfare 2, do so as soon as possible, if possible. Honestly this game has become the most preordered game ever. My own local EB games, in a town of less then 10,000 people has nearly 400 preorders and an extra few hundred reserved copies. Also this goes for all games, if you are one of the few who isn’t into COD than you could always preorder whatever game you are anticipating.

1089860856-00gold007If by chance you do miss your special game and have to wait a week or more than expected to get it, well you always have the old classics to play. Honestly if I am feeling down I play Final Fantasy VII, 007 Goldeneye or Super Mario 64. Chances are there are probably plenty of great games at your disposal you as a gamer will have to realize that on your own.

However if you do not feel like digging out old games, there are other solutions. Flash games, Free Independent PC or games via Steam. Flash games are great because they are usually free and can be found on websites like Independent games can be good from time to time. Some links to some good ones which I have downloaded and played are,,, (Click the links to the Darwinia demo, It is a huge demo).


Now on top of this there is the PSN Store, Xbox Live Arcade, and Wii Shope Channel. However these can get fairly pricy.

From now on there should be no reason to be sad during the holidays as video games are bountiful in today’s culture.

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  1. I’ve been playing a bunch of NES classics lately, and I’ll likely continue to do so during the holiday season. A little Double Dragon here, a little River City Ransom there.

    And it’s true that the PSN and XBLA can provide some great games. Don’t forget about the Wii Shop Channel!

  2. I just broke out my old neogeo pocket color to for some Sonic Adventure! I think Modern Warfare wont sell out.. they must have printed a billion copies in anticipation and the hype they have created around this game! plus they has so many freeking “special editions” your bound to be able to get your hands on a copy somehow!

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