Pokemon Gold & Silver Remakes Announcement this Sunday?

More and more evidence is pointing to an announcement of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on May 10th. First, there were the multiple hints hidden in the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl games such as the discovery of the word “Johto” in Pokedex files and the appearance of both Johto gym leader Jasmine and the Red Gyarados in the story. Next, we had the upcoming movie which was revealed to contain the three Gold and Silver starter Pokemon. Now, just recently, we had Pokemon Sunday, a variety show in Japan announce that they’d have  a large announcement after their next show (May 10th in Japan) which would be an exclusive reveal of a new video game. Two magazines in Japan with close ties to Pokemon, Coro Coro and Nintendo Dream, will be having big announcements in their issues that week as well. Why does this point to Pokemon Gold and Silver? Well, during the announcement, they brought down two large party balls, one gold and one silver! Not only that, they also had two posters set up… again, gold and silver.


Piece this together with the words of Alexander Lucard, a Pokemon Beckett Collector and The Pokemon Company employee, who said in March,

“Perhaps, PERHAPS sometime in 2009 (Say, May 10th, 2009), we’ll get to return to Johto in one form or another.”

I think it’s fairly obvious what we’ll be seeing here. The release date will most likely be this fall in Japan and the games will not be Dusk Gold and Dawn Silver as widely speculated. We’ll have confirmation on the 9th of May so stay tuned!


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. You cannot take the articles from this site, what you can do is write your own article and reference this one. Anything else would be stealing 🙂

  2. huh. Interesting. I thought Pokemon was dead. Like not many people are interested in them anymore. Maybe it was just me. But holy cr*p! The game and show has changed drastically since the last time I’ve seen it (years ago).

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