PlaneShift Steel Blue Review

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Developer: Atomic Blue
Year: 2008
Minimum System Requirements:
-512 MB of Ram
-64 MB 3D video card
-1.0 GB of HD Space
-56 k modern internet connection

untitled-1A long time ago far, far away Atomic Blue created a jewel of a game. That game is PlaneShift a one hundred percent free to play multiplatform MMORPG.

I started this game and was awestruck by the level of detail of the character creator. In the creator you have a choice between one of twelve races, and you decide your character’s entire background but choose wisely because here is the kicker, your characters background effects their stats.

PlaneShift Delivers on the hype that the creator establishes, by offering superb gameplay. Some interesting facets of the gameplay include a mental stamina gauge, the ability to talk to npc’s with your keyboard and the vast camera options. However probably one of the most unique experiences I had while playing this game was dying because you literally, go to hell.

You see when your character dies he or she must trek through a labyrinth known as The Death Realm in order to return to the land of the living.

Honestly, this game is hard, after a total of twelve hours of playtime I made it to level six. Due to this PlaneShift is an MMO for hardcore gamers, with plenty of items to find, PVP combat in the arena or on the streets and a load of tuff npc enemies any gamer will find plenty of risk and reward in this game.

The risk in playing this game is there are bugs, I have not encountered any significant bugs but sometimes you will walk and get stuck or hit the odd invisible wall. Though they are present they are merely an annoyance.

However there is a flip-side to that risk. You see the world of PlaneShift is always changing and it changes as a result of player characters. Atomic Blue has taken ample time to make sure that gamers role play. Although this may seem silly at times, you essentially get to decide how the plot plays out.

The interconnectivity of this game is extensive, you can interact with npc’s and pc’s at the same time, you can affect the economy and you can explore an open world environment.

However this game’s visuals are not up to par. PlaneShift has visuals that borrow from all the best MMO’s out there but in doing so it makes itself devoid of originality. This game does look good but it is far from great. Most of the enemies you encounter in this game resemble a mismatch of limbs strewn together to form a creature that will likely pose a threat to you.

enamy-npcsWhat PlaneShift lacks visually, it makes up for in the audio department. The music in this game is fully orchestral and you can expect to find a unique tune in almost every different area. I have to give the audio credit it is good, so good it will probably stay on the entire time you play the game.

PlaneShift has one huge problem I must address, It has a brutal tutorial. I mean this tutorial is long, generic and annoying. For example you must complete the npc instructors in order which will cause plenty of confusion and hours of lost gaming. Really the tutorial is the determining factor as to weather or not people will play PlaneShift and they royally screwed it up.

PlaneShift as a whole is a great game. It is totally innovative and unique but the fact remains that this game has a tragic flaw which will keep it from the mainstream audience. That is its tutorial. If you are looking for a challenging game then PlaneShift is right for you, if your looking for quick fun steer clear.

-innovative and unique gameplay
-good audio
-a very Interactive world to explore

-invisible walls
-the tutorial is awful
-still has some bugs

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Well, I was all set to add this to my ‘must have’ list until you got to the con about the tutorial. I don’t mind tutorials to a point, but this one sounds like a nightmare that would drive me up the wall. Maybe a revision in the future will make it easier.

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