PixelJunk Shooter Takes Aim December 10

In about a week, the fourth installment in the wildly popular PixelJunk series will make its way to the PlayStation Network.  PixelJunk Shooter will be up for download for the reasonable (and somewhat expected) price of $10 much like its predecessors PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Eden.
PixelJunk Shooter will feature a colorful, artsy graphical style akin to what the series has become known for these past couple years.  Additionally, the gameplay in PixelJunk Shooter will blend traditional side-scrolling shooter elements with more modern features.  For example, players will be able to manipulate water, magma, and ice as they play through this abstract shooter and take down enemies and bosses.
Thus far, the PixelJunk series has covered the racing, tower defense, and puzzle platformer genres.  With this latest installment now crossing into the old-school side-scrolling shooter genre, one can only image what the next PixelJunk game (which is in development as we speak) will be like.
But why worry about the future right now?  The series has yet to disappoint, so we’ll leave it all in the hands of Sony and Q-Games.  For now, let’s look forward to PixelJunk Shooter, which is set for a release next week on December 10 via PSN.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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