Pirate games for a hot summer!

Well it’s summer time and living is easy… when your a pirate yarrr!!!

Some of us are at the sea side (not that I’m barging) and some of us are still inland. Non-the less we still are gamers and enjoy a nice play. So I prepared for you a nice list of tropical games that would sooth your heat exhausted nerves.

1. Port royal 2

Be a pirate? Trader? Join the navy? Build a town? Sure do what you want as long as you got the money. Port Royal 2 is a great tropical RTS based during the colonization of America, more specifically in the Mexican gulf. You play a commander of a ship that can do whatever he wants. Of course you are only limited to the resources you posses which is number of ships in your fleet, number of men on your ship, type of ship etc. So get your admirals hat and begin your journey!

2. Monkey island 1,2,3

A pirate I was meant to be! Whenever there was a war between ninjas and pirates, I voted for pirates. Most probably because this early adventure jewel from Lucas Arts got me into the whole pirate business in a comic yet unbelievably cool way. Take part in Guybrush Threpwoods adventure to rid the seas of the notorious pirate Lechuck!

3. Voyage century online

If you feel like interacting more with other players you should try Voyage century. It’s free and fun to play. Lots of battles (sea and ground), lots of grinding, lots of trading. It didn’t stick to me much but it has a really big fan-base so I guess I’m just picky. Although it is a must see.

4. Tropico 2 Pirate cove

In short a fun town managing game that you could play for a while but it’s really short. Not very difficult and gets boring after a while but still fun while it lasts.

5. Sid Meier’s Pirates! (the new one)

If you just happen to love the pirate life and very colorful cartoonish games, this is the one for you. Swashbuckling, shooting down ships are just a part of this very fun tropical adventure. If you are not able to wet your feet in real life, do so in a game. Take a cocktail and enjoy the life!

6. Corsairs

An old game that captured the life of a seaman! Boarding was done in an RTS way and buccaneering was never so fun. It is, like every other game on this list, a pirate game. It’s a must see but only if you can run it. I had problems running it on Win XP so if you by any chance managed to run it leave a comment how you did it.

Well that’s it folks! 6 choices of tropical games you should try. They are all connected with pirates and such sea worthy adventures! So let’s sail the seven seas and find Dave Jones Locker!

But mates if ye looking for a new title I suggest ye take a glimpse at the “East Indian Company”. Looks promising… I mean yarrrr! *drinks grog*

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  1. Did I miss ITLAPD again? You know, even though a solid open-ended pirate game would sell really well, it would be pretty hard to pull off. Still, it’s one of those things that if you pull it off, you have a real moneymaker.

  2. Combine all of these and you would get a money maker. 😀
    I don’t really know what a pirate game needs except trade, canons, sword fights and lots of ships. Well of course it needs that special something.

  3. All pirate games need lovely maidens, good rum, well-fitting shoes, and more rum.

    If it was one of those games where you could, with a bit of tweaking, rearrange the music, I’d set the entire game to the Pirates of the Caribbean OST.

    You know, I just noticed a double-entendre in the title. “Pirate games for a hot summer”, yeah, a hot summer with Bubba. Man I’m too twisted.

  4. I have Sid Meier’s Pirates! and feel inclined to play it again… arr ye matey, wash the gangplanks and watch out for …. not, the guy from the Monkees!

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