Phoenix Wright to Serve Justice on WiiWare

Most gamers have at least heard of the Ace Attorney series.  The popular courtroom adventure franchise got started on the Game Boy Advance but quickly made the Nintendo DS its home and has seen a number of installments on the dual screen platform.  It was recently announced that the games would be ported to the Wii via Nintendo’s WiiWare service.

Capcom will port the first three games in the series, starring Phoenix Wright, to WiiWare starting in January.  The first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, will appear on WiiWare that month in its Game Boy Advance format; Justice for All will make its way to the Wii in March; and Trials and Tribulations will be downloadable in May.  That gives Ace Attorney enthusiasts a good two months to play the heck out of each game before moving on to the next.

Each of the titles will be priced at 1,000 Wii Points ($10), which isn’t a bad price at all given the popularity of the games and their high fun factor.  In addition to the three titles up for download, Capcom will also be offering “Rise from the Ashes,” the bonus case found on the DS version of the first game, as DLC for the reasonable sum of 100 Wii Points ($1) in May.
The games’ presentation will remain largely unchanged, save for the fact that players will be able to enjoy the games on their TV sets.  The graphics and sound from the portable versions of the game will be brought over to the Wii with almost no modifications.  This isn’t really a big deal, though, as gamers play Ace Attorney for the great gameplay, not the visuals or sound.  Wii Remote functionality will be incorporated into the game, and players will swing the remote to object as well as address the courtroom with evidence.

It’s nice to see Capcom making their popular courtroom series available to an even larger audience.  Many gamers have missed out on the Ace Attorney games for one reason or another, and this will give those players a chance to see what they missed out on.  But now we ask the question: will subsequent Ace Attorney titles eventually make their way to WiiWare as well?

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    Sorry, but you can’t have a Phoenix Wright article without yelling that. I missed out on the first two games with great regret, this is one of those things most people will overlook until they actually play it.

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