Phoenix Wright Going to Court on iPhone

A few weeks ago we reported that Capcom was bringing its delightful courtroom series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, to the Wii via Nintendo’s WiiWare service.  Well, it appears that iPhone and iPod Touch owners will soon be able to take legal action as well.  Earlier today, it was revealed that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (the first game in the series) would be making its way to Apple’s cell phone and PDA formats.

The game was revealed at an Apple Store located in Ginza, a district in Chuo, Tokyo.  While no release information or price range was specified, one can assume that the game will be priced at a similar rate as its upcoming WiiWare counterpart ($10).
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the iPhone will obviously feature touch-based controls, but motion-sensor flick controls will also be implemented into the game.  The graphics, much like the WiiWare versions, will remain true to the Game Boy Advance version of the game.

As previously stated, Capcom is obviously trying to get the game out there.  A lot of gamers missed out on the first few Ace Attorney games, and with the titles coming out via WiiWare and now for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, those who missed out will be able to give the games a go.  With Capcom seemingly covering all bases, can we expect the Ace Attorney franchise to arrive on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network?

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