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As a survival horror fan, I have high hopes for the forthcoming Silent Hill title Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. However, if it does indeed shatter my happier memories of this much loved genre, my next tactic will be to turn my interest onto a different franchise. Something that perhaps has less to do with surviving, but can be just as horrific. Hence the reason why I’m doing a preview for Littlest Pet Shop Friends; haunting your Wii or DS later this month.

Friends may be intended for girls, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without potential to be scary as hell. You’d be forgiven for thinking the title characters were cute and nothing more. In fact, you’d be partly right, however your emphasis will most likely be targeted on the wrong attribute. Look at their eyes. They all appear to share the same glazed expression. On top of that they seem to make up almost a third of their body. To me, their eyes appear as giant soulless deadpools, each surface mirroring the darkness beneath the grim reaper’s hood. Oh, they’re more than just cute, if you ask me. Even the features boast that each pet is “packed full of personality”. Probably packed with some hidden agenda, more like…

Anyway, Friends’ story revolves around preparing for the “party of the year”. You choose your littlest pet, each with a “best friend” to call their own and then you trot about the neon tinted yet somewhat diluted Alice in Wonderland like world doing various party preparations such as sending invitations and serving ice cream. Much of this appears to be done via mini games which, as with the original LPS, will probably have you unlock more stuff ranging from new pets to accessories. Chances are the mini games will focus on the party preparations. Maybe one such game will be to “convince” pets who don’t want to go to your party by trashing their pad as if they owe you three weeks rent. Hey, you might get a new hat for it…

Littlest Pet Shop Friends is due for release October 16th.

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  1. Well, they do look very cute and cuddly, which is why I was actually attracted to this review, but it sounds like you’re saying there is very little cute and cuddly about this game. It’s horror, if I’m reading you correctly. Horror isn’t my style, but I still love this picture.

  2. I love it when people can take something innocent and corrupt it, hence why Sachsen on DeviantArt is one of my favorite artists. XD, I love reviews like this.

    Regardless, LPS is Pokemon with more cute, less fight. XD

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