Penny Arcade Expo 2009

The annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has come once again which is fantastic news for gaming fans and geeks alike. If you are unfamiliar with PAX allow me to enlighten you.

The Penny Arcade Expo has been around since 2004 and has made annual appearances in venues around Washington State. The expedition was developed by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the creators of the Penny Arcade web-comic. These two men had a particular desire to see an event where equal attention was given to not just console and PC gamers but also tabletop gamers, thus PAX was born.pc_penny_arcade_adventures_on_the_rain_slick_precipice_of_darkness_episode_one_boxart_us

In the past the event has been defined by its keynote presentations from industry figureheads, tournaments for games across all platforms, free-play areas and exhibitor booths to try out the games, discussions on industry issues and concerts based on game content. These characteristics have played an integral role in the success of the event which has almost doubled in size with each successive year.

This year’s PAX will run from the 4th to the 6th of September so if you are in the area it’ll cost you $35 for a full day worth of gaming entertainment.  The event will held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center but officials are claiming that they will still need more room. PAX representative Robert Khoo stresses, “We’ve rented every square foot in the centre and that still won’t be enough.” This is a huge claim when you consider that the convention centre is a whopping three hundred and seven thousand square feet. That said, if the attendance trend continues the event will be looking at having approximately one hundred and twenty thousand guests this year.

Although the Penny Arcade Expo has already begun there is still a whole lot more to see over the coming days; my favourite being the Star Wars the Old Republic live demonstration on Saturday morning. For a full list of scheduled events and any other information you may require visit the official PAX website here.

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  1. Another Con i’ll probably never see. Nice info, Penny Arcade is my favorite webcomic and the game was definately good. I’ll definately watch the old republic’s demonstration.

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