PC gamers get more bad news from Infinity Ward

With the new Modern Warfare only 3 days away, PC gamers continue to get beaten down with bad news. First, they learned that there would be no dedicated servers for PC. Then Infinity Ward revealed the multiplayer cap being placed on them. The latest in a string of disappointments came today when Direct2Drive, as well as a number of other digital distributors, are refusing to sell Modern Warfare 2.

The issue for digital retailers stems from Modern Warfare 2 requiring Steamworks to keep track of saves, updates and achievements. Direct2Drive, and other big name online retail sites like Impule and GamersGate, are bristling at the idea of having to bundle the game with a competing product. Direct2Drive is offering a $5 coupon for other Activision titles in response to angry costumers, as well as a link to Amazon to purchase Modern Warfare 2.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Most of this is just bullshit anyway. When you shaft the fans like this, you lose a lot more than money, you lose the reputation you’ve built up and you’ll have to lick a lot of boots to clean it back up.

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