Sims 3 World Adventures: Partial Arts

Skilling is dull. Skilling is probably one of the weakest areas of gameplay in The Sims and yet it is probably one of the most cruical. As with personality traits, skill points are another way to differentiate one Sim from another. For instance, a Sim with 10 athletic skill points is more likely to reign victorious when fighting a Sim with only 1.

Nobody wants to be a Sim wuss, so it’s onto the treadmill for some serious skilling. While the initial “fall on the face as the result of a slip” animation is entertaining that one time around, after you’ve seen it a further 72 times, the effect is draining. By that time, you’ve already took advantage of the fast forward button, allowing you to “skip” much of the tedium of a skilling period (which can go on for several “hours” in game and seem like several hours in real life).

Isn’t it exciting that EA have released further information on how Sims will now be able to train to be a martial artist? Are you excited that it has its own separate skill bar? As I touched in my previous World Adventures article, titled “Checking China”, I mentioned how skills now seem to be fragmenting into secondary skills. In previous instalments, “Athletic” and “Martial Arts” would have counted towards developing the “Body” skill. Well, not anymore.

The good news is fans who look forward to having their Sims aim to become Masters and Teachers of the Martial Arts will now have a space in which to execute this. The possible accompanying skill log will allow such players to record their achievements and present challenges to beat. Additionally, Sims who continue to train will be rewarded with different coloured belts that may signify their progress.

The bad news is this is most likely more skilling for our Sims to do and that means more fast forwarding. Joy. If we’re going to witness more fragmentation of primary skills, can “Sarcasm” have its own skill bar in the next expansion pack? I’d REALLY appreciate it.


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  1. I think it is all quite fascinating. I tend to enjoy the Sims games and their processes. It can be slow, but it’s just part of the system. I do like the enhancements that gives more possibilities.

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