Additional Details About Paradox Interactive Convention 2010

Additional Details About Paradox Interactive Convention 2010

I had the opportunity to speak to Shams Jorjani at Paradox Interactive about their upcoming Paradox Interactive Convention 2010. For those of you that don’t know, Paradox will be sending one lucky person, and a friend, to the convention (which is closed to the public.) Additional details about how to win that can be found here.

The convention will be similar to the Game Developers Conference, except in mini form. The winner will be able to participate in presentations, lectures, press meets, and Q&As (Question and Answer Sessions.) With all of the activity, the winner will be able to get a real insight into what Paradox has planned for next year. They’ll also be able to see how a small, but influential, such as Paradox works.

Paradox Interactive hasn’t nailed down the final list of who will be attending and presenting at the convention yet, but Shams mentioned that people from all of their partner studios attending. These partner studios include the Majesty 2 development team, the team of Mount & Blade, the development team behind Ship Simulator: Extremes, the team behind Sword of the Stars, as well as the internal Paradox studio behind Europa Universalis and the Hearts of Iron series.

In addition, Paradox Interactive will be having a large number of new studios that will be attending. Unfortunately, at this time they are not releasing who that will be the public. But, Shams stated that they will be having the entire 2010 lineup attending. At this time, I am only aware of three games that have been stated for 2010 (Mount & Blade: Warband, Ship Simulator: Extremes, and Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade.) Paradox Interactive is constantly growing and adding new titles to their portfolio, and some unannounced games will also be revealed at the convention.

It is an exciting time to be a Paradox Interactive fan.

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