Pac-Man Championship Edition on iPhone

Pac-Man is no stranger to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  There are currently three different versions of Pac-Man on the App Store, and a fourth iteration has just been released.  Pac-Man Championship Edition was made available today for the bargain price of $2.99.

The formerly Xbox Live Arcade exclusive remake features Championship Mode and Mission Mode.  Championship Mode includes five courses, with 15 total courses available thanks to some hefty downloadable content.  Mission Mode features 20 missions, but that number gets bumped up to 120 after factoring in DLC.  Additionally, a third feature, Challenge Mode, beefs up the package even more.  Now that’s some pretty good DLC right there.

Those who are even remotely interested in purchasing Pac-Man Championship Edition for their iPhone or iPod Touch would do well to download the game posthaste, as the $2.99 bargain price won’t last forever.  You heard right: it’s a limited time deal, so if you like Pac-Man, download the game ASAP.

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