Wolfire Games Creates Rap to Promote Overgrowth

Wolfire Games Creates Rap to Promote Overgrowth

Wolfire Games, the creator of Lugaru, has released a rap that they created to promote their new game in development, Overgrowth. Overgrowth is the sequel to Lugaru. Both games feature martial arts based combat with a third person camera view. Unlike most games, where players need to remember combinations of buttons, the games force players to learn good timing. Every attack, whether with weapon or fist, is done by clicking the left mouse button. This might sound like it would be repetitive and boring, but it’s rather entertaining in actuality. A demo for Lugaru is available here.

The rap song is actually a little catchy and grows on you after you listen to it a few times, so don’t hesitate to hit the play button.

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