Next OPM to Reveal Dead Space 2?

We all know that Dead Space 2 is coming and now it looks like we might finally get some information on the game. Electronic Arts made the sequel announcement for it’s original survival horror game last year along with announcements for another Army of Two (Army of Two: The 40th Day hits NA on January 12th) and Battlefield: Bad Company (Bad Company 2 hits NA on March, check out our screenshots).

Over at Go Online Games they seem to have discovered that the game teased in the “Next Month” section of the current Official PlayStation Magazine is none other than Dead Space 2. The image features the above concept art from the original Dead Space viewed through a mask, much like the one that the game’s protagonist Isaac Clarke wears while battling alien monstrosities in cold, dark space.

I’m no detective, but I’d say their logic is sound. We know the game is coming and the image leaves little questions. Assuming nobody beats them to the punch, check out the next OPM for the first information on Dead Space 2.

If you’ve yet to play the original, you really should. Our own Jay Tyler gave it a good review and I’m a pretty big fan of it myself. I’d love to hear what you guys think.

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