OnLive enters it’s Open Beta

What is called revolution by many, and complete rip-off by some – the OnLive gaming platform is now officially in it’s open beta. That was announced by Steve Perlman – founder of the project in an official blogpost. The beta is only  available to 18+ US Residents, though. If you are interested in signing up for the beta (and live in the US) you can do so by visiting this link.

OnLive is a gaming platform that offers games on demand – play whatever you like without paying( kinda like torrents 😀 ) and can be run on by both PC and TV’s.

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  1. Wait, so this is like another console altogether if you think about the Onlive Microconsole…

    I think that most people will just use the ones for Mac and PC.

    Too bad it’s only for US residents..

  2. @Harry, no, it’s a service you pay for to play PC games regardless of your computers specs. You get that little black box up there and connect it to your comp, the game you’re playing is being run in a server hundreds of miles away and the imagine is sent to your monitor, it’s kinda like having a remote controlled gaming computer…kinda.

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