Once More With Feeling: EGM Returns

Once More With Feeling: EGM Returns

If you’ve been following Steve Harris’ twitter he has revealed that plans have been put in motion to revive Electronic Gaming Monthly on December 1st. This is the first in many other updates about EGM that Harris has teased in his twitter.

Earlier this year Ziff Davis Media announced that EGM would cease publication after 234 issues, shocking the entire game industry. Gamers mourned the loss of the prominent magazine. Shortly after news broke of the revival of EGM thanks to Steve Harris, the original founder and publisher of the magazine till 1996. Looking to reinvent EGM, Harris looks to improve and reboot EGM as a “mix of print and online properties.”

Harris goes on to elaborate the what he intends to do with the new EGM in a recent article by 1up:

“I had been developing some of the technology that you’ll see employed in the new EGM for a totally unrelated area, and the chance to apply it in the gaming category just made too much sense.”

“What we’re currently planning to do with the new EGM is employ technology that will enable us to integrate with other media platforms, the Internet included. The content in your magazine will be much more robust than before, and as a reader you’ll be able to not only update that content, but transport it to other media formats. The model we’re employing doesn’t treat the Internet as an obstacle to success; it depends upon it.”

I’m pretty excited to see what the new EGM turns out to be and what other plans Harris has for the magazine. Keep an eye out for news and updates on Harris’ twitter page and the website for the new EGM. December 1st is the day EGM returns and gives back to the industry that loves it.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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