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Diablo 2 re-review

East…always to the east.

That’s where Diablo went and so shall we! Diablo 2 is an endless classic that will bring many RPG fans countless hours of play time, searching for new items and playing trough the great storyline. I remember when I first saw Diablo 2 it was love at first sight. The darkness, the gore, the intensety overwhelmed me at every corner of my eye (not taking into account that eyes don’t have corners).

The cinematic

If the cinematic doesn’t get you playing I don’t know what will. Blizzard always had top notch cinematic that are movie worthy and great voice acting, mix that with great scenes and you get a jaw drooping short cinematic you wish it would last forever. Well now the cinematic got you all eager to play so let the game(s) begin!



At a first glance of Diablo 2 much attention should be made towards the atmosphere. The visuals were eye candy all the way but what really got to me was the sound. The music is so damn creepy that it keeps you on your toes the whole time and the howls of various demons that lurk in the dark corners of the dungeons. Today’s games always give a cartoony feeling as the creators want to show their new engine at it’s finest but most of them forget to include one factor and that is fear, fear of the unknown. What better fear of the unknown then the dark, so thats why Diablo never really had to show it self in its glory as it kept you in fear all the time. However when looking at the characters it is clearly seen that they aren’t exactly to todays visual standards but that’s exactly what makes them so unique. Their whole image was very blurry which gave more then enough space for your imagination to work and create a character that you’d like to see.


The game play is also very addictive with a easy learning curve. It’s hack’n’slash with various combinations of magic and skills you can use. To make the game replayable (and it’s very replayable) it offers 7 classes each having its unique 3 sets of skill trees. That’s 21 combinations you can play with if you chose to concentrate only on one skill tree. Another factor which gives freshness to the game is the random generator the game uses. When you enter the game and kill lots of demons you get random items from them. Each creep has a percentage at what kind of item it will give after dying. Of course the stronger the creep the better the items. After re-entering the game all the creeps respawn but also randomly from a pool of creeps that you can encounter at that area. So one time you might encounter more skeletons and the other more fallen ones. However some memorable bosses stay the same such as Bloodraven which is one of the first bosses you will encounter. Not enough randomness? Well it gets better. After beating the game on normal mode you can continue the game with your current character on a higher difficulty (called nightmare and after nightmare, hell) which gives you a higher chance to get even better items but it gets a lot harder. Every time you swap between difficulties the whole map changes randomly with more random monsters. The game of course has it’s randomness limits since there is only so many monsters to choose from and some parts of the terrain have to stay the same for story sake.

Well now you know some aspects of this game but before actually experiencing all this you have to chose a class and blive me thats a hard choice. So let me give you a quick overview of the classes.


As I mentioned you have 7 classes. 5 from the normal game +2 from the expansion. The classes are: the barbarian, paladin,sorceress,necromancer, amazon + assasin and druid.

Note: the bold parts are the skill trees. On picture left to the right: amazon, necromancer, barbarian, sorceress, paladin.

The Barbarian
Coming from the lands of Harrogath carrying a lot of pounds
and a huge axe on his shoulder is The Barbarian. His skills
involve combat masteries with which he handles
each weapon naturally, warcries with which he terrifies
 his enemies and encourages his friends and 
combat skills with which he whirlwinds and
bashes his enemies back to oblivion.
Any comments Barbarian? Barbarian : Me smash!
Thank you barbarain! Moving along!

Is it prince Valiant? Is it King Arthur? No! It's the no-name
Paladin coming to rid us of evil! His skill involve defensive
and offensive auras with which he helps his friends or
cripples his enemies using divine powers. He also uses
various combat skills with which he smites
the demons filling them with love and happiness!
 Not really, they just drop dead.
Anything you would like to share with us Mr. Paladin?
Paladin: I shall take my hammer of justice and smite...
Ok, now shut up and lets continue.

She is cold as ice and burns like fire! Using
the elements of ice, lightning and fire she
scorches the demons, zaps the undead and
makes hell freeze over! You know her, you love her
The Sorcerers! No defense or helpful stuff from her!
She just attacks with powerful magical ...stuff. However if
she happens to stumble upon a magical resistant demon
I think someone is going to be in a pickle. *crowd laughs*
Any wise words miss? 
Sorceress: My powers are no match for
your powers...that's not really reassuring.
We are almost half-way trough Johnny and let's see
our other contestants.

Rising from the grave with a party of
undead friends, commenting on my bones
in numerous uncomfortable ways the Necromancer.
He summons the undead making huge armies pushing them
Into battle while he stays behind poisoning and cursing
his enemiesSo that his undead friends can finish themoff easily.
Speaking of bravery huh folks? 
Necromancer: I shall make weapons out of your bones!
I thought Mr. Smite used that line. Carry on!
 Don't know what hit you? It was probably an
Arrow from this fine warrior lady. She specializes
In arrows and crossbows as well as in javelins and spears.
She poisons them or puts some enchantment on them like
fire on a arrow which she calls...I'm sorry miss how do you call that?
Amazon: A fi-er arrow. Fire arrow.
Amazing! She also specializes in using some passive
and magic skills that makes her
physically more accurate.

On picture left to right: assassin, druid


Unfortunately the Assassin could not be with us tonight
as she is rarely seen. However it is speculated that she
is a master of martial arts with which she delivers
unbelievable combo moves. Some say she studied
under various evil masters such as Lo Pan.
She is also unseen in the shadows
and lays traps there that will really really hurt.
Get ready tree huggers as your time has come to
Strike back with nature! The druid shape shifting
Into a wearwolf or a.. wearbear. Well he still can deliver
Lots of devastating elemental attacks such as the volcano!
As a nature friendly person he has some wolfs or even a bear
To help him out in battle. Druid: Save the whales!

Right… Well thats all for tonight folks. You met the heroes of Diablo 2 now it’s your turn to choose which path you want to take.

Everyone: Take me! No pick me! Shove off princess I’ll put that staff up your…

Goodnight folks!


All in all a must play! Why? Lots of content (including a secret cow level, I’m not kidding about this one),great story line (diablo lord of terror returns to free his brother Baal), gameplay (fast paced hack’n’slash is always fun). You also get a sexy lady/guy to rub your back while you play. Well not really but you can’t say that wouldn’t be nice.

System requirements:


  • Windows® 2000*, 95, 98, or NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
  • Pentium® 233 or equivalent
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 650 MB available hard drive space
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • DirectX™ compatible video card


  • MacOS 8.1 or Higher
  • G3 Processor or Equivalent
  • 64 MB RAM plus Virtual Memory
  • 650 MB available hard drive space
  • 4X CD-ROM drive
  • Video support for 256 color display at 800×600 Resolution

Platforms: Pc, Mac.

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  1. I remember when the Burizado Kyanon had 100% piercing and Guided Arrow combined with that was your “Win” button. I completely slaughtered newbie killers by the ton when I got a hold of that beast. Before they toned down Guided Arrow + Piercing, that thing was a freaking boss-killer.

  2. Diablo 2 is still such a good game even after being around so long its fun to play again. The developers at Blizzard are geniuses!

  3. Blizzard rules men!! diablo 2 was a great game. Your right joedigital this game is so much fun. I remember i played overnight playing this game

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