Get Old-school on the New Atari Website

Get Old-school on the New Atari Website

Atari recently launched their new website, and it seems that in addition to promoting some of their recent work and showcasing some good old Atari swag, the website is also giving old-school gaming aficionados the opportunity to play some old Atari classics absolutely free of charge.

The play-on-your-browser titles include both Atari 2600 games and hits that were popular in arcades.  On the 2600 side of things, only Adventure and Yar’s Revenge are playable.  Those of you who enjoyed the old arcade games, however, are in store for a treat, as Asteroids, Battlezone, Crystal Castles, and Lunar Lander are all up for maximum gameage.

These are actual in-game graphics!

These are actual in-game graphics!

The games all feature the same graphics and sound (or lack thereof) that they did back in their heyday, and controls are mapped to the keyboard, with the games using the directional arrows and the spacebar.  Everything is very archaic, but we wouldn’t expect any different.  After all, it would be kind of weird to play Adventure with some modern gaming tunes given the game’s ancient look.

As of the time of this writing, only those six titles are playable on Atari’s website.  The addition of more retro games is possible, but nothing on the website indicates so, but for those who really enjoyed these classics, this comes as a nice little surprise.

*Note: This piece is a double-post of Atari’s free browser-based classics.  For the original GamerSyndrome article by malfesto, look here.

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