Okami Arriving on the DS

In 2006, Capcom and the now defunct Clover Studio released Okami for the PlayStation 2.  The game was a fantasy action-adventure title set in ancient Japan, and the protagonist was Amaterasu, the sun goddess, who was portrayed as a wolf.  Despite receiving highly positive reviews, the game didn’t reach favorable sales numbers.  This caused Capcom to team with a new developer, Ready at Dawn, to rerelease the game for the Nintendo Wii.  The game was well-received on Nintendo’s console as well, receiving similar review scores to that of the PS2 version.

Recently, rumors of a sequel circulated on the internet.  Nothing was confirmed by Capcom until the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu was released.  The game is being developed as a direct sequel to the original, and its full title is Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyo, which translates into Okami Chronicles: Tiny Sun.  The game takes place a couple of months after the first game and stars a new lead protagonist, Chibiterasu.  This new character is apparently a wolf pup (rumored to be Amaterasu’s son).  Despite its small size, however, the new character will retain the ability to use the Celestial Brush much like the former main character.

A new addition to the gameplay is the introduction of partners for Chibiterasu.  The young wolf will have different partners to aid him on his quest.  One partner that has already been confirmed is Kuninushi.  It has been revealed that this new character is the son of Susano, an odd and comical character found in the first game.

Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyo is scheduled for release in Japan in 2010, but no exact date has yet been confirmed.  The game will be available for the Nintendo DS, and Capcom has stated that the handheld’s dual screens and stylus will be put to good use.  Will sales for this sequel be much greater than the first game’s?  How will the gameplay of the previous game translate onto Nintendo’s touch-based system?  Also, only a Japan release date has been announced.  Will the game hit North American shores?  We’ll have updates here at GamerSyndrome as they come along.

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  1. Ahh, I remember this game! I saw some videos about it and wondered why it wasn’t on the Nintendo DS. It looks like such a good game to put on the DS, don’t you think?

  2. It better, Okami was a fantastic game. It was new, fresh, innovative, and absolutely beautiful to look at. I need to buy it again, I never did complete it.

  3. Man, this was one game that slipped through my fingers. The one time I went to try it the disc was scratched so it couldn’t play. I’ve heard it was an amazing game. I definitely have to try it some day whether on PS2 or the DS.

  4. @Harry: I think the folks at Capcom will put the touch screen controls to good use. I mean, the Celestial Brush seems custom-made for the stylus and touch screen.

    @OrgXIII: The ending of the game really leaves you feeling satisfied with the whole experience.

    @SuperGameGeek: Since this is the sequel, you would be doing yourself a big service by experiencing the first game. The PS3 and Wii versions are equally good. It’s really up to preference, but I’d recommend this game to most people just because of how great it is.

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