Live Update Today

Live Update Today

The epicentre of online gaming takes a step further into the unfamiliar. Today a new super update for Xbox Live is available to all users, free of charge. Unlike previous updates, Xbox Live has not experienced downtime. Also, I am proud to admit this download is quick, It only took me 5 minutes to complete on a router with a mediocre connection.

The update includes the highly anticipated, “games on demand” feature. Basically this allows gamers to download Xbox 360 games onto their hardrive and works similar to the “Xbox Originals” feature which was included with last years NXE update. Available games at launch include Oblivion, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed and many more. However you cannot use MS points to purchase these games.


One overlooked portion of the update is the Avatar Marketplace. This increases your Avatar customization options by giving players an entire store full of clothing and collectibles to buy and Avatar Awards to win.

On top of all these new goodies the overall NXE look has been refined and made simple. This includes changes to the Netflix layout.

Overall this is a great way for Microsoft to end the summer. Xbox 360 users will have a very convenient console with tons of content available to them right out of there home. I’f your thinking about playing your 360 today you better download this, it is worth the 5 minute wait.

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