No PS3 Release Dragon Age

Well there are plenty of negative rumours going on about Bioware’s highly anticipated multiplatform game, Dragon Age Origins. These rumours have nothing to do with any problems with the game itself but they came about due to release date speculation and confusion.

For gamers who don’t follow Bioware and do not understand why this is such a big deal then I suggest you play Mass Effect or Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic, two of just a few of the companie’s great action RPGs. Basically Bioware is the father of action RPG’s and their games have evolved with the new generation of gaming, so setting back their games for even a month is a true kick in the pants for RPG fans.

Anyways PC and 360 gamers can purchase this game on November 3 in North America, nearly a month later then originally scheduled.

You wont like me when I’m angry!

However as of this point in time PS3 gamers are left in the dark because now there is no official release date for the game on Sony’s home console. The official site says PS3 gamers can expect to pick up the game later in November.

As a PS3 gamer and RPG fan I am appalled by this news, I was expecting to play this game in October now all of us PS3 gamers will have to wait nearly two months later than expected to pick up this game.

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  1. Seems like cross platform development issues? or is it negotiations with sony and distribution didn’t go as planned? either way its a pain in the butt for PS3 players to have to wait longer then everyone else.. is that fair? im surprised they didn’t just delay the game till 2010 like everyone else avoiding Modern Warfare 2.

  2. Bioware is a category of its own when it comes to their games, they don’t really need to fear the big sellers.

    A month or two isn’t all that bad, I mean, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was released back in May in Japan, and the US isn’t getting it until the end of September. I mean, sheesh. That’s five months.

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