On the Horizon: No More Heroes 2

About two years ago, people would ask, “Does Nintendo have any good third-party titles in their lineup for the Wii?”  Many people argued that there were hardly any good games not developed by Nintendo for their current-gen console.  One of the few games that received a faithful following was No More Heroes.  Brought to us by Ubisoft and Grasshopper Manufacture, No More Heroes told the tale of Travis Touchdown, a young man who has an affinity for video games, anime, porn, and professional wrestling, as he strived to be the number one ranked assassin in the fictitious Californian city of Santa Destroy.  Armed with his trusty beam katana (think light saber), Travis went out into the city, battled hordes of enemies, and took on the top assassins in all of the United States.

Silvia Christel, Travis’ contact within the United Assassin’s Association, set up the ranked matches between Travis and the other assassins.  In order to participate, Travis was required to pay entry fees.  After gathering the sufficient funds by killing villains and performing odd jobs, our “hero” battled opponent after opponent in an attempt to reach the top.  Travis eventually discovered that he was part of something much bigger.

That’s where we cue the sequel.  At last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the first-ever trailer for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was revealed.  No information was given, and the trailer consisted of Travis encountering a female, presumably an assassin, and saying the words, “I’ll be back!”  Since then, a handful of other trailers and gameplay videos have surfaced on the web, and more information about the game has been revealed to the public.

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Suda51 has stated that many of the first game’s shortcomings are being improved upon for the sequel.  The open world, which many considered a mere hub in the first No More Heroes, is being expanded and developed into a much more interactive area.  Side missions are also being rebuilt and will now be 2-D minigames instead of consisting of in-game graphics.  In addition to this, players will now be able to take control of Henry and Shinobu (from the first game).  Aside from these major alterations to the formula, Suda51 has gone on to say that the game’s graphics, mechanics, enemy AI, and controls will all be cranked up a few notches.


With trailers and gameplay clips making their way onto the internet, fans of the first game are eagerly anticipating this sequel.  The first game was praised for its fun gameplay, overall humorous tone, and art-driven graphics.  Considering the fact that improvements are being made to the already-impressive formula, both fans and new players alike can have something to look forward to.  No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is scheduled for a January 2010 release in North America.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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