Nintendo Now Offering WiiWare Demos

Much like its competitors Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has become known for releasing original games via their WiiWare and DSiWare services.  Here, gamers can purchase new games by independent developers or smaller titles based on big name franchises such as Final Fantasy.  The games aren’t very expensive, but even at $5, $10, and $15, a bad game is still a bad game, and many gamers have been left wanting their money back after playing some pretty bad downloadable titles.

Well, those days are soon passing us by, as Nintendo has just integrated a demo feature into their popular digital download service.  Currently, the only games featuring demos are World of Goo, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, Bit. Trip. Beat, Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, and this week’s newest entry into the WiiWare library, Pokémon Rumble.

One can only speculate that Nintendo will slowly release more demos as time goes on.  This feature is certainly very welcome, and it was definitely a long time coming.  Why it wasn’t implemented into Nintendo’s download service before remains a mystery, but better late than never.

Allowing gamers to play a game before purchasing it is definitely considerate, but when so many bad games are released on such a grand scale, it only seems appropriate.  This demo feature benefits both Nintendo and their fan base.  Gamers such as myself sometimes miss out on great games due to skepticism.  Nintendo then loses a handful of customers for what is an otherwise great title.  This service will allow gamers to try out Nintendo’s downloadable games, and it may bring in more customers for the Big N.

Certainly, this feature will be welcome by all Wii owners.  The last thing gamers want is to spend their hard-earned green on mediocre titles.  Remember how well that worked out with Panasonic’s 3DO?

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  1. It really sucks when I lay down my hard earned cash for some game that looks really interesting. Then I open the game and play it only to find that it’s horrible. Good for Wii for getting demos out to the public. Try before you buy is a really nice concept.

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