Rundown of First Set of WiiWare Demos

We here at GamerSyndrome care about you, the gamers.  That’s why it is only fitting that we take the time to provide the latest in gaming news, reviews, and previews for our dedicated followers.  Yesterday, I reported on Nintendo’s new downloadable demos initiative for WiiWare games.  Downloading these demos is not only a strain on your valuable Wii memory storage, but it is also a time-consuming affair.  Each of these demos can take up to five minutes or more to download, and if you decide you do want to purchase the game, then that time will obviously double.  So, in an attempt to help you avoid going through the timely task of downloading each demo, I took the time late last night to do just that.  During the download intervals, there were times when I just stared blankly at my TV screen and times when I went to go brush my teeth and wash my face.  It was a lengthy process to say the least, but I did it to help you in deciding whether or not these demos are worth your precious time.

In this latest GamerSyndrome exclusive, I will give a rundown on each of the downloadable demos and determine whether they’re worth downloading, if you should just skip ahead to the full version of the game, or if you should just avoid both trial and full game.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
To be honest, the demo for NyxQuest never really picked up too much.  It covered the first level of the game, showcasing the game’s intro scene as well as brief tutorials on how the game plays.  There’s potential here, though, and although the game’s demo was a bit ho-hum, it showed me something, something I want to play in its entirety.  NyxQuest combines simple yet fun platforming with puzzle solving.  The game utilizes the Wii Remote to solve different environmental puzzles, and controlling your character while solving puzzles can be fun.

Worth downloading? Gamers who want a platformer with puzzle elements are likely to enjoy NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits.  The demo is nothing spectacular, and although it lays the groundwork for the rest of the game, I’d recommend downloading the full game right from the get-go.

Bit. Trip. Beat
“Sometimes a really good video game is just AWESOME.”  At least that’s the message you get after playing through the Bit. Trip. Beat demo.  The pong-influenced, electronica-laden WiiWare title combines puzzle and rhythm gameplay, and it manages to do so quite successfully.

Worth downloading? I would recommend downloading the demo for Bit. Trip. Beat.  This game is not for everyone, and giving the demo a try is something I highly suggest.  Play through it twice.  You’ll find yourself getting acquainted with the game’s controls the first time and getting through the entire demo the second time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
If there’s one thing worth mentioning about My Life as a Darklord, it’s that it’s charming beyond belief.  From the graphics to the constant reminder by the characters that you’re playing a demo to Tonberry pleading with you to purchase the full version of the game, My Life as a Darklord absolutely drips with style and charm.  The demo is lengthy and gives players a clear look at just how the game plays, which is perfect in determining whether this strategic tower defense title is worth purchasing.

Worth downloading? Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord is a tower defense game, so some players will love it, and others will hate it.  If the tower defense genre is your thing, then just purchase the full version of the game, as My Life as a Darklord is done right and will leave players satisfied.  If you don’t fancy building towers, managing troops, and protecting a base, however, then just avoid both the full version and the demo while you’re at it.

World of Goo
Most people have either heard of World of Goo or tried it out for themselves by now, but Nintendo has just recently decided to provide a demo for the game.  For those who have yet to play the game (such as myself), the demo offers gamers a chance to play through the first handful of puzzles.

Worth downloading? The gameplay in World of Goo is quirky, imaginative, and fun.  The land of Goo is an inviting place for puzzle gamers, and I dare say it may even get the attention of people who don’t play the frequent puzzler.  Those who prefer action-oriented games would benefit from downloading the demo and trying the game out for themselves, but puzzle game fanatics and those who can appreciate something different would be doing themselves a favor by purchasing this title.

Pokémon Rumble
The newest release in the WiiWare library features a decent-sized demo that really shows gamers what they can expect from the full Pokémon Rumble experience.  Unfortunately, that experience tends to get repetitive fast.  You basically control a Pokémon, travel barren areas with a cookie-cutter design, mash on buttons as you fight other Pokémon, add members to your party, and fight bosses.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Sure, the difficulty gets higher as you progress, but that’s all the game basically is.

Worth downloading? Unlike NyxQuest, which has a somewhat lackluster demo but shows promise, Pokémon Rumble has a decent demo, but you know that the full product isn’t going to be that much different.  In other words, while Pokémon Rumble’s demo is OK, it’s pretty evident that the main game won’t evolve much in later stages.  Pokémon fanatics will appreciate the old-school Pokémon sound effects, but the gameplay leaves much to be desired.  The demo is a good download for Pokémon fans, as they will enjoy it but likely stay away from the full version.  (And this is coming from a Pokémon fan.)

Play This Demo

Of the five demos recently released through the Big N’s WiiWare service, my top recommendation would have to be Bit. Trip. Beat, with World of Goo only coming in second due to the fact that it’s been out for over a year now.  You’re likely to take kindly to Bit. Trip. Beat’s retro style, and it’s worth checking this one out just to see if you like it enough to purchase the full version.

Just Buy This Game…Now!

Despite not being the definitive demo, NyxQuest managed to showcase some truly spectacular gameplay design.  The game starts off slow, but given the mix of simple yet enjoyable platforming and puzzle-solving, it’s obvious that this game will please most gamers as they progress through the beautiful locales.  The word on the street is that the game isn’t very long-lasting, but at 1,000 Wii Points ($10), you’re still getting a sweet game.

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